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Our aliens are the best in the galaxy. They’re super funny and easy for kids to understand. You’ll see that they have a lot of different colors that stand out on the clothing. There are eight different kinds from different planets, but they are all good, and their mission is to defend the kids from the evil aliens. They’re the kids’ best friends, and they have amazing abilities. This one in particular is a “space agent”, always watching out for the kids and protecting them from all evil so that the littlest ones can play safely. He can arrest the bad guys and also give a warning to a kid that’s misbehaving.

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We have the best collection of robots in the world. They’re super creative and imaginative, and they’ll be the kids’ favorite robots. They’re designed for them, with their fun features and colors. We’ve created a diverse collection where there’s a robot for each child. Please visit the Robot section to see how beautiful the pattern will look. As you can see, this one will do all kinds of housework, and he interacts with humans naturally and efficiently. Psssst, just for kids: he’ll also do your homework, but don’t tell anyone!

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Our animal collection is the loveliest in the world. We have eleven of them that will be the delight of the little ones. We’ve made them simple and basic so that kids can easily understand them. We’ve searched online and found that they are the animals that kids love the most, although there are some missing that will be gradually added to the collection. The panda bear you can see next to this text is the first one we made and can be seen on our store’s logo. Please don’t forget to give him a lot of bamboo or he’ll be sad.

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Our four dinosaurs are the biggest ones that exist. All of them are plant eaters, and they won’t hesitate to stand up to anyone who says something bad to the kids. They’re like pets: faithful and loyal, and they’ll make the little ones feel safer. We have some missing in our collection, but gradually we’ll be adding more. They’re coming from very far away! While the rest of them are coming, the ones we have look great on any outfit. Our friend pictured right here is the most popular, and his main features are his strength, speed and sense of smell. You don’t have to worry at all since he can find any kid that’s hiding around the house.

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